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AP Muhibullah

Name: Muhibullah Vincenzo El-Amin 

Nickname: Vinny 


Affinity: Memory-Mimickry  Mind-reading + Shapeshifting  
` Vinny has the abilitiy of a very specific type of shapeshifting. Upon direct eyecontact He can somewhat scan the mind, identify a face in a memory  and turn himself into that person from their memory.  

  Vinny has very little control over this, nor does he particularly want to control it. It's a physically painful experience. His bones break and grow, his skin stretches, hair falls out and grows back all at a very rapid rate. / His shapeshifting is fast, a minute after eye contact is made he's taken on a new form.  He doesn't know whose appearance he's taken on, its similar to looking at a photograph. He knows what they look like, but doesn't know anything about them. / The form is temporary, 10 minutes at the max before he uses up all his energy. 
[It wont always hurt, he just hasn't practiced it, out of shape essentially lmao]  

He's limited to two consecutive forms before the pain becomes unbearable and he uses up his magic.

Vinny did not develop his abilities until he was fourteen, thus this is all quite new to him. He'd accepted being a human but now he's trying to accept contuing on his fathers name by bettering his shape shifting abilities. 

Glasses: Vinny's glasses were a gift from his Father. They block his mind-scanning, which disables him from uncontrollably shape shifting. While the school may also hinder that ability, he find's them to be pretty stylish as well. It's all about your style baby. 


>Bones Heal Quickly:
Due to the nature of his magic on manipulating his body, his bones heal quickly from breaks. However, any injury sustained while mimicking take longer to heal and often are worse.  After shapeshifting all his skin and bones are new and fresh even if they don't look like it, a light scratch would feel like thousands of knives or something dramatic like that.   He is very weak after changing form, and exhausted.  

>That's pretty much it. Magic is still new to him. 

Tier: T1 

Age: 16 

Gender: Male 

Birthdate: 1949

Height: 6'8'' or 198 cm 

Nationality: Egyptian.
   Languages: Egyptian-Arabic (mother tongue) , Turkish (Fluent), Romanian (Can speak and read at low level), Russian (speaks basic, and read basic), English (Can Speak; struggles with reading and writing/grammar currently) 


    Vinny has a desire to be remembered, and adored. He strives to be the life of the party, he comes off as a very cheerful and positive guy! He's sociable, and tries to be friends with everyone he meets.  Enjoys have attention on him and tries to be as entertaining as he can be in return. Vinny's also known to be flirty but without a real intent.  Nothing seems to really bother him, its all okie dokie a-ok. 

    In actuality, he fears being forgotten and ignored. He's torn up about his fathers death feeling guilty for the life that his father had to live because of his existence, giving up his dreams of being a famous entertainer and dying in near aninomity in Romania. He doesn't want that life for himself and feels compelled to live out the life his father wanted. He's still mourning his death, but he keeps it bottled up the best he can. in fact he bottles up every negative emotion, no one wants to be friends with a mopey guy. This results in at least twice a year blowing up when he finally snaps from the pressure he's put on himself.  

Family:  Mother- Martina Russo Father- Yousseff El-Ahim Uncle Faiz El-Ahim  

Martina had no magical abilities herself, but came from a family of Magicians. It was well known that magic skipped around from generation, so it wasn't uncommon for a Magical-mother to have magicless child, but for their grandson to be magic. They ranged around in mental-magic, mind reading, emotional manipulation ect.  Her mother and father were from Italy, but moved to Egypt following a trend of italians-nationalist-moving-to-Cairo/Alexandria-to-try-and-claim-it-as-their-own in the 1900's.  She was raised in Cairo. 

Yousseff came from a long line of shapeshifters. He was a fairly powerful one, able to transform in both man and animal in his youth at his will.  His brother, Faiz, is not nearly as proficient. Faiz is limited to changing how his face looks. Both were born and raised in Cairo.


>Vinny's existence was the result of an dramatic affair. His mother married young at 15 to escape her own manipulative and overbearing family. The man she married was an ex-italian solider named Betto. He wasn't a good man, but she put up with him because he represented an escape out of Cairo. She moved to Alexandria with him and lived pretending to be a happily married women for a few years. When she was 17 she met an egyptian street musician named Yousseff. He was kind and made her laugh every time she walked by. The two swiftly fell in love shortly after meeting and their affair began in secrecy. A year later Martina was pregnant. She knew it was Yousseffs child but she panicked; everything became too real all of the sudden. She wasnt sure if she would ever actually leave Betto for Yousseff, the man she loved was nothing but a street begger with a guitar, he was a little immature and she knew he wasn't ready for a child.  On top of that her family would be disgusted by her choosing an egyptian man, she would be disowned and labeled a slut of sorts. With choosing Yousseff officially, she would give up everything she knew. That was a little stressful, So she lied and told Yousseff that she was pregnant with Betto's son, and that she was done with their affair. Martina put off dealing with the consequences for as long as she could which subsequently was 9 months.  

>Vinny was born and clearly was not Betto's son. Martina broke and told him the truth of her lover and the babies father. Betto became violently enraged. Vinny does not know the full story. Betto was going to kill the newborn since he represented a mockery of his name. Martina stabbed him in the stomach to protect her child, and quickly ran out the door with Vinny her arms and didn't stop running until she found Yousseff.  

>Yousseff was ecstatic that this really was his son! But there was little time to celebrate because she may or may not have killed her husband, so they fled out of Alexandria that night.  

>Vinny spent the first seven years of his life living in a car with his parent's. They were homeless. Yousseff had a hard time giving up his dreams of being a famous musician/rockstar, and now aggressively pursued that dream as an attempt to support his unofficial wife and son. He had no other income aside from standing on street corners and performing for spare change but every night he'd promise Martina that the next day would be his big break and they'd live like celebrities when he was discovered. Vinny grew older and taller wearing nothing more then raggedy clothes and a wide smile on his face. His mother said he was the happiest boy she'd ever met, nothing about their financial or living situation seemed to phase them and he always made sure his mother smiled. Every other day after her was four he'd join his father on street corners either dancing, singing or juggling with him to earn a few extra cents. His mother taught him how to read and write, and would make him toys to play with out of whatever she could find. This wasn't the life she wanted for herself or her child, but Martina felt comforted by the love she felt for her son and husband, at least for a couple of years. 
>When Vinny got older taller and hungrier, Yousseff had to accept that he couldn't keep selifshly persuing his dream while his family starved to death. Yousseff agreed. He called his cousin in Turkey and begged him for a job on his construction yards, and just like that they moved to Turkey. 

>Vinny's years in turkey were uneventful for the most part. His father worked in construction, his mother was a homemaker and Vinny went to school. They lived in a small house, and at small but regular meals. It was a normal life for most. / His parent's had long since accepted that he had no magical abilities. Yousseff was dissapointed and somewhat concerned about his magicless child but Martina reassured him that in her family this was natural, her families magic simply wasn't that strong.  
>Surprise he was just a late bloomer. Shortly after he turned 13, Vinny felt weird. His entire body ached, his head hurt and he saw brief images in his head of faces he's never seen whenever he spoke to someone. He tried to ignore it, put on a happy face and didn't inform his parents that anything was happening he didn't want to worry them. When Vinny did shapeshift for the first time it was in front of his mother one late evening. He couldn't sleep, and came into her room seeking a motherly comfort. There he instantly took on the form of Betto, the man she may or may not have murdered. Martina screamed, panicked, and bashed him across the head with glass bottle from her night stand and knocked him unconscious. She stared in horror as Betto's form erased and there was her bleeding tween on the floor.  Vinny doesn't hold any bitterness against his mother for this event, nor for the scars on his face. It was perfectly understandable reaction.  
>Yousseff was ecstatic that his son was a shapeshifter! Though he didnt understand why he couldn't control how he shifted, he promised that he would help Vinny figure it out. But Vinny wasn't as ecstatic. After days and days of uncontrollably and painfully shifting his form any time he made eye contact with someone he wasnt interested in anything ever. He refused to leave his room until he got too hungry, then he'd eat dinner with his eyes covered or closed. This went on for months of him being miserable. He lashed out at his father blaming him for his suffering, he was perfectly content being human! Thanks for nothing! This sucks! '
>They moved once more to romania 4 months after the first shape shift incident. Unrelated to Vinny's magic, Dad's job just moved.  
>To try and make things better, he invested some precious money and time into making glasses for Vinny so he could forgive him. Took a couple of months to create them, and a lot of resources that weren't easy for him to find. They helped a little but all around he was pretty pissy about this magical "gift".  
>During the drama. Yousseff got injured on the job. Cut his foot a little too deep after dropping something sharp on it. But Yousseff thought it was nothing, he ignored it it would heal on it's own.  Didn't. Got infected, infection spread, Yousseff got very sick, and just like that Yousseff died in Romania when Vinny was 14. 

>Vinny and his mother moved to England a few months later to live with Yousseffs brother Faiz who offered them a home.  Faiz is unable to help Vinny with his magic as he's nowhere near as proficient as his brother was, but has some friends and connections who helped get him get Vinny enrolled in Concordia.   


LOVES art, and photography. He's a little pretentious about it. 
>He's very into photography himself and has been his whole life. Since he spent his childhood on the road, he learned that memories are temporary and things are easily forgotten so he loves to take pictures of things. He also takes hundreds of photos of himself because he wants to preserve some aspects of himself; he doesn't want to be forgotten. He also believes no one deserves to be forgotten or just a background character and loves to take photos of people! He develops them himself and hangs them up all over his room.   His current camera is a Sputnik he got in Romania. 
>Wears bell bottom pants fuck you. 
>This Is Rushed. 
>Began going by Vinny when he was 12. He wanted to differenciate himself in Turkey where most had an arabic name. So he went by Vincenzo, which changed to Vinny. He just loves being special and different.  
>He has three scars on his face! One on his left lower eyelid, one on his left cheek and one above the right side of his lip. Theres some smaller scars and healed cuts on his face but they're less noticable. 

Ars Pactum: Young Hughes
I havent,,, been on dA in forever.  I dont remember how to make Apps? Lay outs? kill me anyway here's my horrible son. 

Name: Young Orion Hughes

Tier:   T3

Age:  22

Gender: Male

Birthdate:  August 2nd 1942 .

Height: 5’9’’ or roughly 182 cm.

Nationality:  English.

Affinity: Sun Spot (fire)

 {Young comes from a long line of Fire mages who believe they are gifts from the sun itself. Each Hughes man has one son, and that son is blessed with fire in his body. Located somewhere on their body is a discolored patch of skin that's hot to the touch. They refer to it as a Sun Spot. The location determines how powerful you can be and ideally you want it to be as central as possible to maximize your ability (example: foot is worst possible location. Takes too long for fire to reach hand, weak flame). The Fire comes out of his skin, he creates it in his body and exhales it out the pours in his hands (which then can spread up his body).   Youngs is in the ideal location: solar plexus/sternum. As central as you can be, he can control fire on both his hands as well as exhale it. Location also means he can store more fire in his gut (with a few days time to store it) giving him more fire to exhale out of his body.The downside of the location is that it's close to his heart. The fire affects his personality heavily, makes him very moody and irritable. </sub>  (The ?? sub code thing is being weird here so i guess everything gonna be weird sizes)  


>Aside from fire, none really except: Hand to hand contact, fights in more of a Boxing or street fighting style. Not very refined but pure brute force and literally have your hands on fire takes you quite the distance. Fond of head butting. Other magic he has little to no ability. 


Father- Orion Dravis Hughes/ Mother- Sophia Connor-Hughes/ Step Mother- Heleen Hughes/ Step sister-Tatiana Jansen.  

His Father is a SunSpot Mage with a bad and selfish attitude, and his mother telepathically communicates with animals (I.e she can talk to animals and have them do her bidding. Very low level).  Heleen and her daughter are human. 

His family owns Hughes Smelter&Smiths. An international company with factories in Eastern europe, and china. They hire mages exclusively, and sell overpriced wares to humans, exclusively. They used to make a wide range of wares, but Grandad Dravis saw WW1 as a business opportunity they couldn’t pass up and switched the company's focus to weaponsmithing for wars. Over the past score business has been very good. They’ll sell to anyone who needs a gun, though if you ask Orion they only support the british allies : )  



Young's Magic exist on a spectrum that directly relate to his emotions. If he gets too emotional/too angry his power grows out of control. If it goes on for too long the fire will continue to grow until it consumes his heart and he'll burn up from the inside out. If he represses his emotions for too long, he becomes weak and if it continues he'll extinguish his own flame and die as an empty shell of smoke. The only way for him to be truly strong, and in control is to get a control of his powers. He's barely survived to be twenty two due to how hard his mood swings, only coincidental events have kept him from destroying himself.  

He mistakes being out of control for being powerful, and currently is trying to repress his powers to find a way to be in control.  

>Young cares for himself very little. In the past few years he's come to believe there's nothing good about him, and he deserves to be treated with contempt. He wants people to dislike him. / Struggles with having a short fuse and is prone to blowing up at people over very minor things. 
>He believes he's incapable of controlling himself which scares him. He's afraid of losing control because of his fire. He thinks he needs an outside force to handle that for him.  He has no faith in himself anymore. 
>Quick to blame others for thing's hes done. Trying to fix that habit but occasionally he'll blame others for making him mad. You shouldve known better!!  
>Very little ability to express himself any other way that's not anger. Difficult time communicating positive emotions so he often just Doesn't Even Try. Has a resting bitch face and a resting bitch attitude too.  
>Young has a learning disability, which makes focusing in classrooms and crowds very difficult for him. He's much better in a one on one setting. He’s a little sensitive about this.
>Trust issues lmao. 
>If you manage to be his friend, he likes people with? To joke around, anxious about getting too close to anyone he just might enjoy a couple of mates, hes always up for a laugh. You gotta find the 5 blue keys to unlock his tragic backstory and befriend him. He tries not to get too close to anyone. 


    Young comes from a long line of Hughes men who have attended Concorida. While his family has never had the nicest reputation, they sure do give big donations to ensure each generation has a place in the school. Well known for being a bit of a handful. His fathers money has kept him out of trouble, and he's somewhat of a spoiled brat. How can someone like him still be enrolled? 
He enrolled a year later then most student do, starting his first year at the age of 12. Rumor has it that he didn't learn to read until he was 11, and was held back. Others say it's because his birthday was so late in the year, his family didn't want him to be the youngest student in the room. Whatever.  

He quickly established he was a hot head bully shortly after his enrollment. He settled all arguments with violence, threatening to burn your face off or quickly jumping to head butting the nearest student. Started off with traditional bully things like 'give me your lunch money' but as the years went by he grew into your local psycho. Anyone who even made eye contact with him was guaranteed a beating (Luckily if you ran fast enough you could escape his smoking habit slowed him down). He was out of his bleedin' mind.  
When he was 16 he seemed to suddenly stop--he was still a bully, but people didn't fear for their lives anymore. A guy named James who manipulated emotions kept him right in check and was the savior of the whole school. James wasn't the nicest guy but no one was about to call him out on his dickish personality when he had Young on a metaphorical leash.  His powers and influence really mellowed out Young for a year or so, now he just lazily threatened people and laughed when people insulted him. 
The following year Young returned to school but James didn't. Young returned late in the year and the rumors flew as to why he was on a suspension, before one of his old friends said Young killed James.  Everyone knew you couldn't keep Young under control, he's a monster right?  
Later people discovered that he didnt kill james but he almost did. When he returned to school-- Young didn't do anything. He sat in class, said nothing, then went to his room or the library. His gang all but left him, being a bully wasn't fun anymore it got a little real didn't it? 

Really it was an improvement for the staff and general student body so no one complained.  
He slowly became a decent student, volunteering for cleaning up events (or maybe it was community service to avoid prison..?) and helped out in classrooms. He tried to join sports teams but he didn't have that competitive attitude plus everyone was scared of him. Slowly he slid off the grid.  He finished up his basic schooling and graduated, returning as graduate student to continue his studies and volunteer around the school. 

Whether or not the rumors are true, Young really changed his ways when he was 16.  He went from a D average student to a B average (although he always excelled in Maths), he participated in at least cleaning up for school events. For awhile he was required to attend counseling but he asked if he could stop, he didn't find it to be very helpful and the school granted it as he seemed to be under control.  Near the end of his highschool days he started tutoring other students in maths and even offered fighting lessons to nerds.  There's always an air of his past hanging around him which might unnerve people but it's been years since the last Young Loses His Shit incident.

 Currently he's focusing on his research of Magic suppressants. he was never much of a science geek but you can find him in various labs mixing up stuff or at least bothering someone who knows what their doing. He enjoys being alone, studying in the library or tutoring those who dare ask him.  
(He's a MATHS tutor AND will teach u how to throw down).  



>Fire is pretty much the only magic he can do. And, lately he’s been researching ways to reduce his fire and control his mood. This takes the form of mostly consuming various experimental magical icy tablets like they were medicine to simmer his flames.  He’s at ½ power.  He doesn't look very good, tired and pale. Not aware that if he completely surpresses his fire he'll die because he's Stupid. 

>He is surprisingly good at Maths. It’s the only subject he’s ever excelled in, theres something comforting to him about all the rules and structure that makes it easy for him to understand. Catch ya boy in some advanced mumbo jumbo (Note: I Am Not Good At Math I Dont Even Know What Class Is Above Trig) and so he volunteers to tutor it, mostly as something to do to kill time.

>He has no sense of taste and a dulled sense of smell! He’s very careful about checking the labels on food/drinks. You can only drink spoiled milk so many times before you learn. Breathing fire ruins ur taste.

>Animals really don't like him. Maybe he's inherited his mothers gift and is projecting his thoughts without knowing it and they just know he's a right prick. Or maybe they just dont like the look of his face.

>He’s sensitive about his ears they stick out a little,,

>He’s not entirely sure of his sexuality. So far he’s only ever had feelings for one guy, but he’s not sure if it was because he was a guy or because he was that specific guy? he is gay.

>He gave himself all his piercings. 4 ear piercings, 1 septum piercing, and a tongue piercing. Often did it on impulse or whenever his step mom said something gratting.

>Young doesn't fully control his powers. He’s dulled his senses, but he’s afraid of how he is without his self given handcuffs.

>He likes records a lot, big fan of rock n roll. Likes Elvis a lot,, His favorite song is Jail house Rock. Has a massive record collection come check it out just don’t touch them.

>he's never had long hair before. It's only possible because he's not as fiery, he had a habit of burning off his hair especially his eyebrows so his hair was very short and eyebrows were drawn on for most of his life. He has no hair on his arms either.

>He tutors in maths and on weekends he'll teach ya how to fight if you ask him nicely.  

my head has hurt all day oh my god 

For The Love Of God Stop Liking That One Shitty Gregory Horror House Art I Did Its Been Four Years Let Me Die 
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